Why Welding?

Welding training is practical and immediately transferable to the workplace.

Training at The General Welding School Ltd. is based on practical methods; in-shop and classroom theory modules, both providing a full understanding on how to be a competent, knowledgeable welder. Testing leads to welding certification.

Steady employment.

Top wages and job security.

Invest in your future today!

Electric Arc Welding (SMAW)

is the fundamental welding process. Other more technologically advanced processes have not replaced Electric Arc as the primary process in structural welding because the electric arc process is technically suited for exterior welding. Many production companies are using Electric Arc welding in conjunction with other processes; therefore, it is beneficial for a welder to include certification in the Electric Arc process in their agenda.

Heli-Arc TIG Welding (GTAW)

is a precision process that requires a high degree of skill. TIG welders are among the most competent in the industry and their wages reflect this skill. Metals that are fused together by the TIG process include ferrous and non-ferrous materials. TIG is often used in root pass welding, in pressure pipe, architectural sheet metal and the manufacture of food processing equipment.